3 Aspects of Compounding Automated Ordering Systems

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3 Aspects of Compounding Automated Ordering Systems

19 October 2018
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If you are a pharmacy owner considering the use of a compounding automated ordering system, you may know the basics of the system. What you may not know are some key aspects that will offer beneficial upgrades to your pharmacy. If this sounds like the situation you are in, here are three aspects of a compounding automated ordering system or paperless compounding medication ordering system.

Simplified Forms

One of the leading aspects of paperless compounding medication ordering and automated ordering systems is the ability to simplify your ordering forms. Depending on the method which is used to get their requests to your pharmacy, the forms for the request may be very detailed. They may also be very difficult to fill out for people in offices and clinics who are not used to your request form. When you move to a paperless or automated ordering system for the compounding medication orders, the forms are done through a program and generally are easy to fill out based on choices and drop-down menus that simplify the process.

Simplified Prescription Requests

If you have a doctor's office that you work with often or a clinic that works with your pharmacy on a routine basis, then you can benefit from saved requests and forms from these offices. When they go into their account in the automated system, they can choose to refill prescriptions and make changes. This makes the order request easier for the doctor's office or clinic, makes the process go faster for them, and helps to keep the request simplified for your pharmacy by using a repeated request that you have in your databank.

Specified Prescription Ordering

One aspect of many of the paperless compounding medication ordering and automated ordering systems is the ability to section off different requests and have them filter through different receiving boxes or sections of the ordering system. For example, you can have filters in place that put urology requests in one section or file while requests for hospice patients or cancer patients go into different files. This can make categorizing and handling the requests easier and faster for your staff. You can also have filters made for doctors offices and clinics as well. 

These are only three of the aspects of compounding automated ordering systems and paperless compounding medication ordering. These aspects are the key points that help pharmacies, like yours, run smoother and handle medication requests in a more sensible and concise workflow.