How Outsourcing Compounding Services Cuts Costs

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How Outsourcing Compounding Services Cuts Costs

3 March 2017
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Some physicians may prefer to compound medications at their new clinics instead of outsourcing those services. Such physicians may expose themselves to a variety of situations that may hurt their bottom line. This article discusses how outsourcing compounding services can ensure that your facility remains profitable.

Waste Management

It may be more expensive to compound medications at your clinic when compared to outsourcing that service. This is because the facilities that sell the ingredients that you need may have minimum quantities that one must buy even if they don't need that entire volume for a patient. Consequently, the excess material may have to be disposed of once it overstays before other patients who require the same medication visit your clinic. Buying large batches may also compel you to increase the fees that you impose on your patients in order to stay profitable. Outsourcing therefore helps you to stay profitable without levying high fees on patients who need compounded medications.

Better Organisation

Another key benefit of outsourcing compounding services is that potential causes of misunderstandings will be eliminated. For example, a physician may misread a handwritten label (measurement or name) on a compounded medication that was prepared by a colleague. Additionally, the quality of the medications compounded may not be consistent from one batch to another. Outsourcing removes all these issues since the compounding facilities usually automate most of their operations.

Liability Protection

Drug management authorities in different jurisdictions usually have strict standards that govern the places where medications are compounded. Clinics may not have dedicated compounding centres that meet the conditions of regulators. Chances are therefore high that your clinic may be found liable in case a patient develops a complication after using medications that were compounded in an environment that doesn't meet the strict conditions set by regulators. Outsourcing all your compounding services removes that risk of liability from your new clinic. This is because the compounding facility will be able to explain their quality assurance processes in order to prove that the medication was compounded in accordance with the law. In this way, your new clinic will not be exposed to the negative publicity that can surround a medical facility that is being sued or investigated for this form of professional misconduct or negligence.

As you can see, you can ensure that your new clinic stays profitable by refraining from compounding medications in-house. Find a pharmacy that offers compounding services and work with them to handle your compounding needs.